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Spring 2023
Full Time Pimpin

Fall 2023
Troubled Chairs
Level Trap

Winter 2024
Chocolate Honey Love
Trouble in Mocoville
Don't Sassy Me
Jam Hair for Women

Spring 2024
Blanket Identity
Peggy Lu James
Jam Hair for Men

Summer 2024
Trouble in Mocoville 2

Evolution of Psycho Crimes
Prophecies Discovered
Slimmer Cups

Fall 2024
Excessive Temper Tantrums
Beyond Spiritual Things
Past Lives Discovered
Extreme Cheaters

Fall 2024
Trouble in Mocoville 3

Kate's House
Were it Not for Mama

  Extreme Behavior
History Challenged
2 Ambitious
Sound Discoveries
Executive Hats
Soul of Ancient Gospel

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