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ATLANTA, GEORGIA- March 18, 2020- Award-winning comedian and radio host, Shuvar Rodgers, is returning to the air with the Shuvar Rodgers Project,” April 4, 2020. As part of the re-brand, The Shuvar Rodgers Project will be broadcasting to nearly one million listeners on WDJY 99.1 in Atlanta and WTAA 102.1 in Kentucky and Ohio. Co-hosts Sixthegoddis and Kabisha Hunt (KB), complete the trio and will bring well-rounded worldly views to the discussions.

The Shuvar Rodgers Project (SRP) has set a goal to become one of the top-rated urban entertainment radio shows in the United States. Described as a variety show filled with music, politics, news, entertainment, and most of all, empathy, The Shuvar Rodgers Project is not like the rest. Being able to connect with people without seeing them can be challenging, add a dash of empathy, and you have a game-changing radio show.

We all want to be heard and understood beyond our titles and talent; SRP is the platform to address both pop culture and politics beyond the mainstream narratives. Many guests compliment and commend Shuvar on his interviewing style because he allows them to talk about different things. Listeners should not expect cookie-cutter questions from this panel.

“The ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and share a person’s point-of-view from an empathetic place is lacking in our society,” Rodgers said when asked what will be different about this radio show. “By creating a safe and comfortable space for guests to share their journey is what is going to set us apart. Yes, we may serve the same communities, but one person does not own all of the problems, success, creativity, or wealth. We all have a responsibility to try to understand more than what we see.” He went on to brag about his co-hosts Sixthegoddis and KB, “My co-hosts Six and KB are unmatched. Not only are they scholarly and informed, but they are not afraid to address the elephant in the room and unpack some tough opinions. Respectfully, of course.”

Sixthegoddis, has a strong passion for black empowerment, has filled her work for the past 8 years, focused on promoting femininity and reestablishing the black family. Inspired by podcasting, she uses this platform to continue to fight for equality and unity among her people. A woman of the mic, her strong voice is heard and will continue to be heard internationally.

KB is the proud owner of Mommy’s Chance a non-profit mentoring pregnant teens, and teen moms. She has been able to take her talents from Talent Acquisition Manager to screenplays and films, to becoming an author, and now commercials.


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WDJY 99.1 FM is a 24-hour talk and community-based radio station. Our mission is to provide listeners with entertaining; yet quality, lifestyle educational talk shows which provide in-depth resources. We seek to provide a media platform which enables listeners to voice their opinions and provide solutions. 

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